Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Special (23rd & Union)

Cristmas Trees 200 of' 'em
Holiday P..E.A.C.E. Trees

noble firs  douglas firs  grand firs
3' to 9' tall
2314 E. Spring St.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

IPD #2 Library Cool House

Here’s some pics of Improvised Protest Device (IPD) #2 featuring the crazy architecture of the Seattle Library, aka ‘The Cool House’.

Unlike the real library, you don’t have to worry about tourists getting trapped in this piece of junk. This model also features some dated spooky tales about the Dollar v. Euro on the flip side, courtesy of the Seattle P-I, and some storm damage details on the inside pull-out. Of course, like all IPD’s, handles and straps are scrounged out of dumpsters. You know, old luggage, guitar cases, etc…ad nauseum. This particular item includes Velcro door closures that came from a box of ski gloves dumped over at Real Change newspaper office last winter. Most of the gloves were for the left hand, but only three in the box were for the right. It looked like a left liberal conspiracy of sorts, so I took some of the lefts that were minus fingers, and scrapped out the goodies and doo-dads.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Port-o-rally boxes

Here are pictures of the first Port-o-rally box, a prototype made out of old corax (corrugated plastic) that I scrounged up after the last election. This model is a sorrowful-slice-of-roadside-Seattle, constructed from three over-the-hill election signs held together with duct tape and drywall corner bead. Amenities include:

  1. an old handle from a discarded guitar case (Qwest Stadium/Seahawk's game special)

  2. a purple carrying strap I got out of a dumpster at Seattle University (the security guards chased me off after I got it)

  3. a Velcro (space-age) nylon door attachment that comes from a tossed out portable diaper changer that I found in the alley 1 block south of Bread of Life Mission

  4. a used umbrella Lela needed to get rid of, with a nylon-webbing (REI) holder

  5. two nifty metal sign stakes on the side, $1.00 each from Home Depot
    The protest signs are glued on corax so they can be mounted on detachable handles or on road-side step stakes.